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The International page is a brand new feature to our website that we hope will engage and further your soccer experience.  On the Inernational page, we take an in-depth look into the game beyond our own club in an effort to enrich our club experience.  The World's game has different names and different associations all around the world: soccer, football, futebol, pick-up, footy, and so on.  On this page we try to take you through the game from the world.  

If you look to the left, you will see a running twitter feed.  This is where you can go for all your news and updates on current soccer as it happens.  If a player transfers to another club, if there are stories out, scores and upcoming games, pretty much all the current information you need as it happens is right here.  It is our go-to news feed.

Above the news feed on the left, you will find tabs that focus on the following categories:

1) History of the game

This will be as informative as it is interactive as we take you through the history of soccer from the very beginning to the modern age.  This page will show the first game that was played, the creation of the rules and FIFA, the first leagues and the first tournament as well as the continuing tradition and evolution of the game.  We cover how the name soccer became immersed in our everyday language and the influence the game has had on the world.

2) Key players

This section like many of the other ones in the International page will be ever growing.  We take a look at some of the greatest players to ever play the game ranging from the earliest beginnings to the modern era.  We will be providing short biograhpies of each player, stats and their impact on the game.  Accompanied by biographies will be featured clips of their play and also some documentaries on these players.  

3) Greatest Games

The greatest games is just as it says.  We will feature some of the greatest games the world has ever seen.  Some of the games will be highlights, featuring the best of the best and many others will be full fledge games that you can sit and watch as they happened.  The games range from Champions League, to La Liga games to some of the greatest World Cup games of all time.

4) Leagues

On this page, we will feature the leagues from around the world as well as our own in Major League Soccer.  We will provide brief histories of the leagues and some of the prominent teams in each league.  On the page, there will be links to each of the leagues website as well as more information about the league.

5) Books

In this section, we will feature some of the best books on soccer from several different views.  We have provided a wide resource that includes books on the tactical side of the game, history of soccer, autobiographies, biographies on coaches and players, a look at different stories within soccer around the world, a view from the fan perspective, and several other that will help better understand all of the layers of the soccer world.

The future of the International page...

We will be expanding on the International page over the next several months and into the future.  Our hope is that it will be much more than just a resource.  Be looking for resources on websites and soccer people to follow on Twitter, as well as pages devoted to tournaments and an especially exciting feature on the styles of the game that range from England, to Spain, to Brazil.  Take a look through and live, breathe and play the game.