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Come Join the Santos FC Family!!

To learn about the Santos FC experience, we invite you to visit our ABOUT SANTOS page, which will give you an overview of our team training philosophy, history, and our club mission.


What We Offer

  • A player development atmosphere which encourages dedication, personal responsibility, and family.
  • Competitive league play for all youth ages in two outdoor sessions -- fall and spring.
  • Licensed USSF certified coaching staff.
  • Opportunities for local and regional travel tournament play.
  • Dedicated parent volunteers managing the administration of each team.
  • Winter indoor league opportunities.
  • Winter indoor player and goalie development training at local indoor facilities.
  • Volunteer opportunities for players and parents alike.


To become a member of Santos FC, we invite you to join us for tryouts. Tryouts dates are set by MOSSL and are typically in late May or early June. The TRYOUT SCHEDULE will be provided soon.

BEFORE TRYOUTS, you will need fill out the following form and BRING IT WITH YOU SIGNED:



Important Information for Tryouts

We ask you to refrain from offering instruction to your child during the tryouts. We want to make this a fun and positive experience for everyone. At the end of tryouts, one of the managing trainers will address parents and answer questions. Roster positions will be offered beginning at 2pm the Sunday after tryouts. All teams have a limited number of roster positions available. We commit to contact each child who tries out for a position on a TVSA Santos F.C. Team. It is unfair to make some players wait while others delay in making a decision and commitment upon notification. We expect you to give us your commitment upon our phone call to you.

A non-refundable $300 deposit is due at the first parent meeting. Parent meetings are scheduled shortly after players are extended offers. If your child is not offered a position, it does not mean she/he is not a good player, it usually means that we have many good players from which to choose and a limited number of spaces on the team roster. Tryouts are sometimes stressful for everyone involved. Remember it is more important at this age that your child plays on a team where she/he receives good training and plenty of playing time. The best players at age 8 and 9 are sometimes not the best players at the age 14 and 15, since everyone develops at different rates.

Click HERE for tryout times and dates for you age group


UPON ACCEPTANCE to the club, you will need to completely fill out the two forms highlighted below, and send them to your assigned team representative. If you are unsure who this is you can call or email Brenda Brienza (see below for phone/email information).

UPON ACCEPTANCE to the club, a $300 non-refundable deposit is required for each season (fall and spring). This deposit is automatically applied to your fees, and serves to hold your player's roster spot until the teams are formed and practices begin. Questions regarding the fee structure can be directed to Mark Brienza whose contact information is listed below.

NOTE: The USYSA form needs to be signed in both signature boxes. Also, the medical waiver form MUST be notarized, so do not sign this form outside the presence of a notary.





General Expectations for Santos FC Teams, Players & Families

  • Each team automatically competes in the Mid-Ohio Select Soccer League (MOSSL) fall and spring seasons. These games take place in Central Ohio, mostly in the Columbus metropolitan area.  In addition, the managing trainers will select other tournaments to attend.  In the winter, teams compete in Indoor Soccer at various locations.

  • During the fall and spring season, teams generally practice twice per week in addition to playing one or two MOSSL games per week. Please be aware of the commitment required.

  • Members of each team are expected to play fall and spring.  U 15-U19 play only in the spring. 

  • Parent volunteering is expected, but not required. One parent from each team will be designated as team administrator.  This person will serve as coordinator for that team.  If you are new, training will be provided. We find that if everyone participates we have more fun, and no one is overwhelmed.  Please be prepared at that first meeting to take some responsibility for your team.

    Other areas to volunteer are:

    • Flags
    • Team Treasurer
    • Referees/game coordinator
    • Maps
    • Tournaments
    • Hotels
    • Score reporting
    • Snacks coordinator
    • Photographer
    • Social activities

    Other than the professional coaches everyone else in the club is a volunteer.

  • If you as parent have a concern about something during a practice or a game, please do not address it on the field during that practice or a game. Rather, discuss the situation with your team's coach after the practice or game. You can also call or email your coach or a coaching director afterward at any time.

  • Team coaches report directly to the Directors of Coaching. 

  • Training sessions and games are not postponed unless adverse weather causes unsafe conditions for the children to play, i. e. lightening/thunder.

  • It is expected that at least one parent is present for practices, in addition to the coach for supervision.

  • The training schedule for the entire season will be distributed in August before the fall season and March before the spring season.

For further tryout details, information on how to join the Santos FC family during the season, or any other membership questions, you can contact:

Maziya Chete
614-530-3444 (cell)

Seymour Alleyne
614-302-9229 (cell)

Brenda Brienza

Mark Brienza                                                

John Jentgen

Jan Greve

Debbie Brannan
614-487-0346 (home)

Welcome to the Santos FC Family!!