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Tri-Village Soccer Association (TVSA)

The Tri-Village Soccer Association (TVSA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and expansion of soccer related activities within the three villages of Upper Arlington, Grandview, and Marble Cliff, Ohio. TVSA is a member of the Mid-Ohio Select Soccer League (MOSSL) and is the sponsoring organization for Santos Futbol Club. TVSA supports the aims and goals of Santos FC. Continue reading about TVSA and our activities following the Pan African Nations Cup information below...

The Tri-Village Soccer Association performs many of the administrative functions of the Santos soccer club which are not required for the day-to-day and season-to-season operations of Santos FC.  These include:

  • working with Northwest Kiwanis to create and maintain the Bob Davis Memorial Scholarship.
  • coordinating between the Santos FC coaches and the Northwest Kiwanis Youth soccer program to provide free clinics to players in their recreations leagues. 

  • handling Santos FC SpiritWear.

  • providing administrative assistance for Santos Summer Camps..

  • providing a resource for new parents and players.

This work is accomplished primarily by the TVSA board of directors. The current board members are:

Craig Smith -- President

Maziya Chete -- Vice President

John Jentgen -- Treasurer

Debbie Brannan -- Secretary

Seymour Alleyne -- Ex-officio

Alyx Portier -- Ex-officio

Jan Greve

Mark Brienza

Brenda Brienza