Santos F.C.



CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR TRYOUTS TODAY!  You are able to fill out most of the form online by typing into the fields.  You will still need to print the form at the end.

**Please write or type legibly.  In  order for us to be able to contact you after tryouts, we must be able to read your form!**

Tryouts for the Fall Season 2016 will be held:

Wednesday June 1     Friday June 3

Monday June 6     Wednesday June 8

Tryouts are held at Thompson Park, south shelter house on the McCoy side.

Players will be notified on the first Sunday after tryouts via email.

Click here to download the tryout schedule.

For more information, or questions, contact , , or

Please see the link, How to Join Santos for more information.

Rules and Regulations mandated by MOSSL

8.1 Players can be added during the seasonal year from any recreational programs. Players cannot be “cut” from team rosters. However, tryouts may be held during the year to fill vacancies on rosters. The guidelines for recruiting must be adhered to when advertising tryouts. 

10.1.1 All players and/or their parents who request to transfer between teams based upon one or more reasons listed in bylaw 10.1 must submit a completed transfer request along with any additional documentation, if required, to the M.O.S.S.L. office prior to the following deadlines. 

These are only a few highlights the club wants to emphasize, however, for more information on the rules and regulations by MOSSL click here.

Note* Tryouts for the Spring Season 2016 will be held primarily from January to March, but also mid-season as players can join at any point during the season.