Santos F.C.

Santos Futbol Academy Indoor Facility


- This program offers players the opportunity to receive skills training and readies them for game type situatins through scrimmages.

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Furthering the Reach of Our Mission
TVSA Santos FC has been dedicated to empowering youth by helping them discover and grow their unique interest and special talents.  The club has been achieving this goal since 1990 by using soccer as an educational tool for holistic personal growth. We believe that learning soccer enriches children’s’ lives based on the idea that soccer builds character in the social and moral sense. Characteristics necessary to succeed in soccer include the ability for individuals to socialize themselves to norms, while simultaneously develop moral personality traits such as discipline, honesty, integrity, generosity, and trustworthiness. These skills associated with socialization and moral personality traits developed in sports are transferable qualities that help individuals succeed in any professional arena outside of soccer.  
TVSA Santos leadership has been diligently working towards the financing and construction of an indoor facility which will greatly enhance Santos’ ability to achieve its goals.  This is truly a transformational opportunity for the club, as it will offer the opportunity for a 10-12 month training program for teams within the club, while also help serve youth soccer players at an earlier age through a program called “Santos Futbol Academy” (S.F.A.).

Santos Futbol Academy (S.F.A.)

In order to better achieve its mission, TVSA Santos leadership has created the Santos Futbol Academy (S.F.A.) which will “live” at the new indoor soccer facility. This program will focus on early childhood development through soccer. This program will be offered to children 5-8 years old.

Club Member Benefits

By having full year access to an indoor facility, Santos FC is truly distinguishing its commitment to individual and team development within the Central Ohio soccer community. The benefits to this facility are truly endless for club members, but include the ability for teams and individuals to continue their development uninterrupted year round. Not only will Santos players be able to hone their craft during the winter and summer months, but it will also alleviate inclement weather issues that cause many practices to be cancelled during the spring and fall seasons. 

How You Can Help!

Because Santos FC will be responsible for the installation of turf and furnishing the waiting area, the club will conduct a capital campaign to raise funds for the facility. FIND OUT HOW TO HELP HERE!