Santos F.C.

TVSA Raffle Ticket Contest

The Tri-Village Soccer Association is proud to announce the brand new website for TVSA:

TVSA is holding a raffle ticket contest for a vacation at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina with all proceeds going towards scholarships.  

You can buy one ticket for $25 dollars

Or five tickets for $100 dollars

The drawing of the raffle will occur on or before June 30, 2015.

Click here to buy a raffle ticket today!

Here is a message from the TVSA Board:

Dear Santos Families,

While many assume TVSA Santos is all one organization, the Tri-Village Soccer Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that sponsors Santos as a youth soccer club in Ohio.  With this in mind, TVSA is primed to play a more active role in the infrastructural and socio-culture development of Santos FC. 

The most ambitious and exciting new project is the "O Jogo Bonito Campaign," where TVSA will spearhead a fundraising effort to help fund the purchasing of land for an indoor/outdoor soccer complex.  For the past 20 years Santos FC has been able to provide elite soccer instruction with very limited resources.  Having an outdoor/indoor complex would increase the capacity of Santos FC and greatly enhance the culture and training program Santos FC can offer.  The complex would also be used to provide community based youth programs as well as alternative revenue streams for TVSA Santos.

Gifts and donations will play a large role in TVSA being able to meet its goal, and it can offer potential donors tax deductible benefits. As a 501(c)(3), the donor can itemize any donation to TVSA, and receive the tax deductible benefits to their adjusted gross income before taxes.

TVSA will also assist in team campaigns towards additional soccer opportunities, such as International summer trips.  Currently, TVSA is offering raffle tickets for a Vacation at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  All proceeds will go to scholarships for TVSA players that are competing in the Gothia Cup and Sodertalje International Football Cup in Sweden in July 2015. Any additional proceeds raised above these costs will be donated to the TVSA Field Development Fund for the benefit of "O Jogo Bonito Campaign." You can find more information about this exciting opportunity, as well as TVSA's new website at: 

TVSA and Santos are extremely proud of its past, and even more excited about expanding the vision and mission moving forward. If you would like to be more involved in any of these projects, please reach out to the staff, as we will be looking for new Board members and volunteers in the near future.  This is an exciting time, and we would love to have as much engagement as possible.

Best Regards,

TVSA Board of Directors