Santos F.C.

About Santos Futbol Club


To provide each player with the opportunity to build positive self-esteem and to develop his/her technical and tactical abilities to their fullest potential within an atmosphere of positive reinforcement and fun.


Our club's philosophy is SKILL = FUN.

This simple motto translates into to having an exciting, long term learning experience while achieving excellence in total personal development. This framework allows our young players to experience the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from dedication, teamwork, and the joy and satisfaction of being a member of a larger community --  the Santos Family.

Santos FC is blessed to have coaches with deep experience, both as licensed educators of the sport, but also as players at the highest levels. This combination allows our coaches and trainers to understand how the educational process develops to establish positive role models for all our players. The Santos program is directed by Maziya and Seymour who guide a training staff of exceptional quality. The Santos coaching staff has shown the ability to transform players otherwise overlooked by other clubs for varying reasons, often times for not being fast enough. Currently our teams are competing on par with the various top teams in the state. Many of those once overlooked players have been coached by our staff, and are then actively recruited by other clubs. Technically and tactically we have produced some of the best players in Central Ohio.

Santos' trademark is its training program based on the Brazilian Jogo Bonito philosophy.

Skill development at Santos FC has four basic components:

  • Technical: the ability to control, dribble, pass, shoot, head and tackle.

  • Tactical: the ability to make timely and correct decisions on and off the ball.

  • Psychological: developing the mental fortitude to withstand the rigors of select competition.

  • Physical fitness: the ability to maneuver at speed over the duration of a game.

What We Offer

  • A player development atmosphere which encourages dedication, personal responsibility, and family.
  • Competitive league play for all youth ages in two outdoor sessions -- fall and spring.
  • Licensed NSCAA and USSF certified coaching staff.
  • Opportunities for local and regional travel tournament play.
  • Winter indoor training and league opportunities.
  • Winter indoor player and goalie development training at local indoor facilities.
  • Volunteer opportunities for players and parents alike.


The Santos Futbol Club began in 1990 as an instructional soccer club. Santos FC operates under the governance of the Tri-Village Soccer Association, encompassing the communities of Upper Arlington, Grandview, Marble Cliff and beyond. Under the guidance of the late Dr. Bob Davis, Ben Suffron, Susan Boyland, Bill Snellgrove and others, the TVSA was created and nurtured to broadcast their passion for the beautiful game across central Ohio. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their collective foresight, for their vision has been transformed into a vibrant and energetic family -- the Santos Futbol Club.

Year after year our players improve, and, as a result, the club continues to grow.  The coaches reputation for caring about the balanced development of each player is the sustaining force keeping the parents charged which, in turn, excites the coaching staff.  It is significant to mention that all the trophies in the world will never replace the family environment that was initiated by our founder, Dr. Bob Davis. Santos FC is a family, and as such, we both rely on and rejoice in the many volunteers which support our players. In particular, the individual team administrators (all parent volunteers) play a critical role in the organization of the teams and in maintaining the Santos family.

The destiny of the organization indeed resides in good hands.


The Santos Crest...

A Brief History 

Here are some thoughts on the origin of the Santos crest and how this image relates to the Santos family, by our Director of Coaching, Maziya Chete.



The symbol in the middle of the crest is known as an Ankh, an ancient Egyptian/Kemitic symbol which depicts eternal life. It is the earthly representation of family, which is the ultimate expression of the continuity of life throughout all species. Without family, there is no life on earth.

The Ankh symbol is broken down as follows: the loop on top represents the feminine energy, and the obelisk-like connection to the loop represents the masculine energy which, when combined, creates life. This life is represented in the arms (the children) of the symbol that arise from that connection.

This symbol captures the essence of our Santos (which means Saint) philosophy regarding the type of relationships necessary for the balanced development of all its members. We strive to solidify and nurture the natural connections that fuel eternal unions among people. It should be emphasized that family transcends the nuclear type and includes the extended type, whose genuine support makes for the greatest experiences in this life. All people need each other’s support to overcome the many obstacles in life. Thus the relationships that we as individuals develop over the years usually determine the outcomes in dealing with those obstacles.

Santos FC is blessed to have attracted those families who throughout the years have contributed significantly to overcoming the many obstacles that have crossed our paths. Today our current families are expanding that tradition, and striving to continue and maintain the philosophy which explains our existence today and into tomorrow. The symbol for life, wow what a feeling! Do you feel that energy? If so, step through the portal and share in the experience of a life time!

Peace and blessings to all.