Santos F.C.

Parents, you need to know this...

This information was just received about a Northam Park Incident. 

On last Friday evening during games at Northam Park, a young girl was approached by an unknown adult woman near the blockhouse where the restrooms are.  The woman asked the young girl, if she would like a piece of candy and attempted to get the young girl to go to the woman's car.  The woman continued on telling the young girl that women knew her parents, and that she had cleared it with the parents, as the woman pointed to the field filled with parents and players, and proceeded to ask the young girl if she had any younger siblings.  Another adult came around the corner to use the restroom, and the woman woman quickly ran to her car, and sped away.

The description of the unknown woman is:

Older, approximately 60's
Dark hair
About 5'7"
Her car is believed to be dark blue or black

The UA police department is aware of the incident.

Safety is no accident.  If you see something, say something.

If you see any suspicious individuals, please contact UA police.